Keep Teaching Faculty Spotlight – Dr. Eboni Baugh

Name: Eboni Baugh

Department: Human Development and Family Science

College: Health and Human Performance

Course: HDFS 6303 (Critical Issues in Family and Cultural Diversity)

Course Description: 15+ graduate students, lecture/discussion type, open to majors and non-majors

In my face-to-face class: I usually spend about an hour and a half on lecture and experiential activities then open the class to discuss the weekly readings through student submitted discussion questions.

I did this because: best practices in diversity education suggest that combining awareness, skills, and integration are key strategies for teaching effectiveness. This format allows students to be able to self-evaluate and create understanding that is relevant to their own personal and professional lives.

Now I plan to: provide a shorter lecture and adjust course activities to fit within the online learning environment. Students participate in the experiential activities on their own, but are then encouraged to discuss their experience(s) with classmates by video chat or within a discussion board.

I chose this strategy because: I recognize that these activities have value and they help students create self-awareness and foster critical analysis of their perceptions on many issues of diversity and inclusion.

Anything else you would like to share: I found LinkedIn Learning to be a great addition to the course. The online content helped to provide information on intercultural knowledge and contact, which students would have previously accomplished by attending cultural events in person.

These spotlights are meant to spark ideas as we work together as a campus community to continue to facilitate student learning and engagement, possibly in new and creative ways. Some things we do during these unusual circumstances will be extraordinary, some will be good, and some will be just fine for now.

As we share ideas and keep our eyes on our mission, thank you Pirate Faculty, for your commitment to just keep teaching!