Faculty Research and Engagement Awards

The ECU Faculty Senate manages and presents the following research and engagement awards for ECU Faculty. Basic information for the Faculty Senate awards is provided below. Please consult the Faculty Senate Academic Awards Committee website for the full official guidelines for each award.

  • Five-Year and Lifetime Achievement Awards
    • Up to two five-year and two lifetime awards given. Nominations due via the Qualtrics form by September 15.  Formal nomination letter due by November 1. Complete nomination packet due from nominee by November 1. (Note: These awards do not fall under the single nomination guideline.)
  • University Scholarship of Engagement Award
    • One award given. Nominations due via Qualtrics by September 15.  Formal Nomination Letter due by November 1. Complete portfolio from nominee due by November 1.  (Note: This award does not fall under the single nomination guideline.)

Key Dates

  • September 15: Award nominations due (see guidelines specific to each award).
  • October 1:  Nominees contacted by OFE with instructions for portfolio.  Nominators are encouraged to tell nominees prior to this date and point them to the appropriate award guidelines (found on the Faculty Senate Academic Awards Committee website).
  • November 1:  Letter of nomination due to ofe@ecu.edu by the nominator (unless a different date is specified on award guidelines).
  • March – April: Award Ceremonies

For Nominators

  • Please review the guidelines for each award prior to submitting a nomination and contact Sarah Williams (328-1101) or Rachel Baker (328-6537) with questions. Guidelines for each award can be found below and on the Faculty Senate Academic Awards Committee website.
  • The information requested on the nomination survey is listed below. The survey is due by 5:00 pm September 15.
  • Nominating early (and informing nominees of the nomination) is strongly encouraged.
  • A formal letter of nomination is due November 1. It is the nominator’s responsibility to gather and submit the letter of nomination (not the nominee’s).
  • Please tell the nominees that you have submitted (or will be submitting) their name as a candidate for an award as soon as possible and point them to the appropriate guidelines for creating a portfolio.
  • Some awards designate who may nominate a candidate. Please ensure the nomination comes from the correct person in your college.
  • Some awards limit the number of faculty from each college who can be nominated. Please ensure your nomination is within those guidelines.
  • Please ensure the person you plan to nominate aligns with the guidelines for the award. For example, some awards are only available to tenured faculty.
  • While faculty may be recommended for more than one university teaching award, nominated faculty may only accept the nomination and submit a portfolio for one university teaching award in a given year. This excludes Five-Year and Lifetime Achievement, Scholarship of Engagement, and Scholar-Teacher awards.

Information Requested on the Qualtrics Nomination Form

  • Nominator Information: name, email address, phone number, position
  • Nominee Information: name, faculty rank, email address, faculty status and years at ECU, award category, college, academic coded unit

(Note: The “rationale” section formerly in the survey has been removed.)

Resources for Submitting Your Award Portfolio