Peer Classroom Observation

Peer Classroom Observation is described in the Faculty Manual and Faculty Senate Resolutions as the approved process for direct observation of teaching at ECU.  Observation of teaching is required for all tenure-track faculty, and some other faculty. It is recommended for all faculty. Observers should use the university-approved observation instruments and policies, unless units have been approved to use modified instruments or policies.

Peer Observation Training


Asynchronous Training

A self-paced online version of the Peer Classroom Observation training is now available in Canvas. This training takes approximately 1 ½ hours to complete in Canvas.  Click the button below to request enrollment in the Peer Observation course. If you have not been entered in the Canvas course within 48 hours after submitting the registration survey, please contact the Office for Faculty Excellence ( or Sarah Williams (

Click here to request enrollment in the Peer Observation Mini-Course

Trained Observers (By College)

Only faculty who have attended training sessions are approved to serve as observers.  Units may specify additional requirements for observers. To view a current list of faculty who have completed peer observation training, please visit the link below. Note: These documents are only available to ECU Faculty and Staff, so you may be asked to sign in to your ECU account when clicking on the links. 

View a Current List of Trained Peer Observers (by College)

Additional Resources for Peer Classroom Observation