Active Learning and Leadership Program

The Active Learning & Leadership Program is supported by the ECU Truist Leadership Center and provides an opportunity for faculty to explore and experiment with embedding a leadership-related focus into the way existing activities, assignments, discussions, and materials are developed in a selected course. Through a cycle of exploring, piloting, reflecting, and preparing for future semesters, you will learn alongside colleagues about ways we can equip and empower the current and future leaders of our campus, community, and world.

Up to ten faculty are selected for each Active Learning & Leadership cohort, and $1,000 in support will be available for each participant. For more information about upcoming cohort opportunities, feel free to email

Program Objectives

  1. Explore ideas about infusing leadership skill development with active learning of course content.
  2. Pilot at least four assignments or activity adjustments designed to facilitate content learning in such a way that enables students to simultaneously build leadership-relevant skills and dispositions.
  3. Reflect on learning that occurs during the pilot activities, refine those activities/assignments, and prepare for infusing a leadership emphasis into the course in the future based on this experience.
  4. Share ideas and lessons learned with colleagues at ECU and members of the next Active Learning & Leadership cohort.



Participants are expected to :

  • Explore features of active learning and leadership through readings, journals, and dialogues.
  • Participate in all full-group meetings scheduled during the semester and twice-monthly journal reflections.
  • Embed an explicit emphasis on leadership skill development into at least 4 course activities, resources, or assignments.
  • Plan for continued growth and refinement of leadership emphasis in future courses.

Participants have the opportunity to :

  • Engage with a cohort of fellow faculty members from disciplines across the ECU campus.
  • Utilize support and resources provided by colleagues and the ECU Office for Faculty Excellence.
  • Explore methods for seamlessly embedding leadership-related growth opportunities for students into coursework without veering from content-area emphasis.
  • Receive $1,000 in support after completion of the program.