Assignments and Tests

Student working on computerFaculty Manual Statement on Tests and Examinations 

VI. Tests and Examinations

“Performance on tests, quizzes, and examinations are one important indicator of student learning. Instructors should clearly describe the procedures and schedule for tests and quizzes on the course syllabus . Students who are absent from intermediate tests and quizzes with an excuse acceptable to the instructor may be given a make  up test or an excuse from taking the test at the discretion o f the instructor. (FS Resolution #10  08, February 2010)

VII. Final Examinations Revised 12  1 9

The normal expectation is that the completion of both face to face and online courses will include a final ex amination or an alternate method of evaluating student progress. Final examinations are required at the discretion of the faculty member and must be scheduled in the course syllabus made available to students. When a final examination or alternate method of evaluation is given, it is expected to begin for all students shortly after the beginning of the scheduled final examination period, and all students shall have the full scheduled period to complete the evalu ation. Students arriving late may be turned away, but only if other students have left the room, and only if this policy is indicated on the course syllabus. If a final examination is not given during the final examination period, the scheduled time for th e exam must be used for appropriate instructional activity. Online courses that do not give a final exam must use the final exam week for instructional purposes. The chair of the unit is responsible for monitoring adherence to scheduled examination requir ements.

The University establishes a final examination schedule each semester to reduce conflicts in course final examination and to meet the UNC established course hour requirements. There will be no departure from the schedule official ly published as part of the ECU Academic Calendar except for clinical and non  traditional class schedules, including graduate level courses. Changes for individual student emergencies of a serious nature will be made only with the approval of the instruct or. An incomplete (I) for the course will only be given in the case of a student absent from the final examination who has presented a satisfactory excuse to the instructor.

No test serving as a final exam may be given during regular class meetings. Fac ulty may not give an examination or an assignment in lieu of an examination on Reading Day.” (East Carolina University Faculty Manual Part VI, 2020) (FS Resolution #11  51, April 2011 ; FS Resolution #18  46, May 2018 ; FS Resolution #19  7 9 , December 2019 )