Textbooks and Other Course Materials

Person carrying several textbooksECU Faculty Manual Part VI, Section 1, IV


All items, including textbooks and supplies, that the students are expected to purchase should be requisitioned each semester in a format provided by the Dowdy Student Stores. Book requisitions received on the requested due dates allow the store time to prepare buy-back lists used in purchasing from the students any book that they no longer need. This helps the students to keep the total costs of textbooks down as much as possible.

In a cooperative arrangement the Dowdy Student Stores provides an instructor publishing service for supplemental course materials. The store provides quality academic course materials that are sold alongside the textbooks for the course. The course pack department of the store will obtain copyright permission, process orders, and calculate and collect royalties. This service is provided at no charge to your department. A complimentary desk copy of their course pack is available to the instructors upon request.

Unit administrators or their designees will inform instructors when textbook and course supply orders are due. Instructors submit a requisition for each course providing the information needed to order the necessary books and supplies. If no textbook is required for a course this should be so noted. Unit administrators should retain a copy of the requisitions in each departmental office for future reference.

When special instructional materials (e.g., magazines, field-related supplies, etc.) are required for a course, the Institutional Trust Funds Office within the Division of Administration and Finance should be contacted in order to provide guidance regarding the special course fee process and whether these services can be provided by the Dowdy Student Stores. (FS Resolution #11-47, March 2011)