Resources for Fixed-Term Faculty

Fixed-Term Faculty Spotlight

Click on the images to hear from these faculty members about their experiences and accomplishments in fixed-term faculty positions at ECU! 
photo of michael daniels
Photo of Melinda Doty
photo of Dr. Kathy Lohr
Photo of Dr. Nikki Tucker
Michael Daniels
College of Health and Human Performance
Melinda Doty
College of Engineering and Technology
Dr. Kathy Lohr
College of Education
Dr. Nikki Tucker
School of Dental Medicine

Titles for Fixed-Term Faculty

There are many titles for fixed-term faculty because of the varied roles these faculty play at East Carolina. Be sure to consult the ECU Faculty Manual for the requirements for advancement as a fixed-term faculty member.

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Relevant Sections of the ECU Faculty Manual

ECU Unit Codes

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Writing a Teaching Philosophy

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Finding Your Way Through Subsequent Appointments and Advancement in Title

Spring 2022 Fixed-Term Faculty Presentation

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Ideas and Resources for Developing a Portfolio

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Outside Resources for Developing a Portfolio

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Faculty Manual Changes for COVID-19

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