Resources for Developing your Portfolio

Person writing in notebookThese resources consist of selected examples from subsequent appointment and advancement in title portfolios of ECU faculty in fixed-term appointments. The examples may be helpful in guiding faculty in which types of supporting material you may wish to include in your portfolio. 

Type of ResourceExamples
Table of ContentsKatelyn Rouse (Clinical)
Kelli Russell (Teaching)
David Hisle (Library)
LettersFaculty Letters for Subsequent Appointments:
Brittany Thompson (Teaching)
David Hisle (Library)
• Laupus Librarian – waiting on contact

Faculty Letters for Advancement in Title:
Kelli Russell (Teaching)
David Hisle (Library)
Teaching Supporting MaterialsMandatory Materials
Creative Activity/Research Supporting MaterialsExamples of Handouts and Instruction – David Hisle (Library)
ClinicalResources Coming Soon
Service Supporting MaterialsService Supporting Matierals - Example 1 Katelyn Rouse (Clinical)
Service Supporting Matierals - Example 2 Katelyn Rouse (Clinical)
Service Supporting Matierals - Example 3 Katelyn Rouse (Clinical)
• Kelli Russell (Teaching)
• Brittany Thompson (Teaching)
Other ExamplesProfessional Development Example 1- Katelyn Rouse (Clinical)
Professional Development Example 2- Katelyn Rouse (Clinical)
Professional Engagement – David Hisle (Library)
Joyner Annual Report Template – David Hisle (Library)

Portfolio Samples Contributed by:

Katelyn Rouse – Clinical Assistant Professor
College of Allied Health Sciences, Department of Health Services and Information Sciences

Kelli Russell – Teaching Instructor
College of Health and Human Performance, Department of Health Education and Promotion

David Hisle – Library Associate Professor
Learning Technologies Librarian, Joyner Library

Tricia Wilson-Okamura – Teaching Instructor
Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences

Brittany Thompson – Teaching Instructor
School of Communication, College of Fine Arts and Communication