Approved Modified Peer Observations

Approved Modified Policies and Instruments by Academic Unit

Academic units have the option of selecting instruments and procedures other than those provided by the Faculty Senate to conduct peer review, once approved by the appropriate vice chancellor.

Only academic units of departments that have APPROVED ALTERNATIVE DOCUMENTS are listed below with links to PDF files of their instruments and/or policies.

If an academic unit is NOT listed here, it uses the Faculty Senate Policy and  Peer Review Instrument.

Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences

AnthropologyChemistry | Economics | English  | Foreign Languages and Literatures (ARCHIVED) | Geography| Geological Sciences | History | Mathematics | Political Science | Psychology | Sociology

College of Business

For face to face courses, the COB has the  COB Face to Face Peer Review Form used by all departments, as well as the COB DE Peer Review Form for Distance Education courses.

College of Education

BITE | Counselor and Adult Education (ARCHIVED) | Educational Leadership | Mathematics & Science Education

College of Fine Arts and Communication

School of Art and Design (under review) | School of Communication | School of Music | School of Theatre and Dance

College of Health and Human Performance

Child Development and Family Relations 

College of Engineering and Technology

Computer Science | Construction Management | Technology Systems

College of Allied Health

Communication Science and Disorders (ARCHIVED) | Health Services Information Management | Occupational Therapy

Brody School of Medicine

Approved Documents Same for All Departments
Word version, Evaluation Form for Large Group Presentations
Word version, Evaluation Form for Small Group Presentations

College of Nursing

Uses the Faculty Senate Instruments but has CON Approved Modified Procedures used by all departments
CON Approved Modified Procedures ARCHIVED

School of Dental Medicine

Variance RE Expansion of Eligible Peer Reviewers